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How it all began

The idea for Osotua Foundation started in 2012. Founder Dieke Geerling lived among the Maasai in Loita Plains for almost two months. Experiencing the deterioration of the savannah ecosystem, she had many talks and discussions with Maasai how to turn the decline into a positive and healthy sustainable future combining traditional knowledge with modern science.


These talks and sharing ideas lead to collaboration with Nkoilale Community Development Organisation and later on with more Maasai communites. Together a sustainable ecosystem regenaration vision for the savannah to survive climate change is developed.

The Osotua Foundation combines Dieke's ideas, experiences and knowledge which she accumaulated while living and working in the savannas ofAfrica for a greater part of her life. Her passion for this ecosystem urges her to support its inhabitants in making it future-proof. She believes that Ecology, Economics and Anthropology are essential components in achieving this goal holistically. With the help of many Maasai and her board members and adivsors she is making this dream a reality!

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Our Team

Dieke Geerling


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Keeper of the holistic vision, Dieke connects communities and specialists. She places much emphasis on the transformation of old indigenous knowledge and methods, while combining them with new scientific ones, creating a fusion of Maasai culture and modern technology. She has a sharp, fast and creative way of thinking


Nelson Ole Kirokor

Project Coordinator

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Trainer SRM

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Trainer Permaculture

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Our Board
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Adrianne Jonquière-Breure


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José Vergeer


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Julie Mulonga


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Julie, currently pursuing a PhD in Climate Change & Adaptation, is our environmental conciouns.


Njoki Gigincha


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Njoki brings in her business knowledge to help futher develop Oloip into a sustainable flourishing Hub.


Germaine van Teefelen


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Dutch, living in Kenya. Germaine brings her expertise in setting up social businesses in rural communities to the Maasai.

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Stay in the Know

We work hard to get our efforts noticed by the media and are so proud when this goal comes to fruition. A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at some of the latest coverage we’ve received below and help spread the word about all the amazing developments at Osotua Foundation.

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Annual report 2022

Creating impact with steady pace

Read it here!

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Annual figures

Available for Download

Hereby the annual figures of Osotua Foundation. Osotua foundation receives money through funds and private donations. The director does the daily administration which is controlled by the treasurer. In the annual meeting in june the board approves the financal report


Figures 2015

Our financial report of 2015


Figures 2016

Our financial report of 2016


Figures 2017

Our financial report of 2017


Figures 2018

Our financial report of 2018


Figures 2019

Our financial report of 2019


Figures 2020

Our figures of 2020


Figures 2021

Our financial report of 2021


Figures 2022

Below you find our financial overview and ANBI report. Detailed figures are available upon request. 

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