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Did you know:

  • 20% percent of the Earth's surface consists of forest-grasslands also known as savannas, steppes or tundras and that they occur on all continents?

  •  this accounts for 25% of the CO2 absorption worldwide and that the savannahs are therefore crucial as a weapon against climate change?

  •  the savannah has a great diversity of trees, shrubs and grasses, but never has a closed canopy layer.

  • The savannas form a buffer zone between fertile agricultural areas and the desert and tropical rainforest.

  • Rrainfall is unpredictable in time and place, despite the rainy seasons. 

  • Humans and animals have adapted to the ecosystem and to survive they migrate following the rains for water and food. This way they optimally follow the green grass for their livestock.

  •  Despite a fertile top layer, the savannah is not suitable for arable farming because of the unpredictable rains, the associated high costs for irrigation and the soil varies too much.

  • the Maasai are switching en masse to agriculture and fencing off all their land and therefore Wild Animals such as the Maasai giraffe can no longer move around in search of food and water.

  • That we are therefore working on introducing a new way of life with the Maasai in which wild animals such as the Maasai Giraffe can again access their food and drink and the Maasai also have food and water and have money for education and health care.

  • they can meet 80% of the protein needs of the people in Kenya!

  • this is very important because 80% of Kenya consists of savannas and desert and only 10% consists of fertile agricultural land. So switching to complete vegetable proteins is not possible.

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With Eramatare we build our thriving future


By promoting healthy soil and biodiversity in the savannah, we improve livelihood and protect wildlife. With Eramatare we increase the biodiversity providing food and water during bad times and the possibility to earn money in good times.

Eramatare consists of 3 elements:

  1. By providing training in Sustainable Rangeland Management we improve the biodiversity of the rangelands and the health of livestock. At the same time reopening the savannah for wildlife.

  2.  With our permaculture training we improve the soils and biodiversity of the homesteads. Through kitchengardens we provide women with additional income and healthy food, rain water catchment for fresh water, a living fence for agroforestry, and biogas for warm water and safe cooking.

  3. By creating sustainable value chains for the products of the regenarative land use methods, the Maasai diversify their income and improve their livelihoods, making them less vulnerable to the vagaries of the world economy. At the same time protecting their wildlife and landscape.

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Our Projects


The Maa word Osotua means the "invisible umblical cord" which unites us all. If we are in need and ask for help, others will come to our aid. Being one of the strongest concepts within the Maa Culture, it captures our vision well. Back in 2015 we - Dieke Geerling and Nelson ole Kirrokor - realized that by listening to each other's ideas and needs, we can work together and create a positive impact adressing the challenges in the Kenyan savannah.

Our strenght lies in our network of Maasai driven community organisations reaching out for the most vulnerable Maasai individuals within the community. Working with their own chosen leaders and being trained by Maasai, our impact reaches far into these communities.

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Our Partners

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Have an Impact!

Become our Social Media expert

Join us in our Journey to scale up our projects and help more Maasai all over Kenya! Send us an email or chat with us to get more information!

Buy the book

Our White Mountain Photobook with the amazing pictures of Marielle de Valk is a must have. Learn about the svannah and support the Maasai.
50% of the revenues go to our projects.

Become a volunteer

If you want to experience life in a Maasai village and are willing to share your skills, please get in touch. Let's see how we can help each other.

Donate per month

Help us in reaching our goal. With your continuous donation we are able to provide long term support for sustainable solutions.

Donate seedlings

Kitchen gardens provide food for the families and give women an alternative source of income.
With €5,- you will provide 10 seedlings!

Connect us to a donor

Help us with expertise and give your skills and expertise or connect us to a donor!

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Our Philosophy

"taking care" of Maasai, Livestock and Wildlife

It is the Econology, Stupid!

Economy and ecology combined, with culture as base

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Social business for independence

The Maasai need a healthy and sustainable livelihood, which we establish by giving training in business development, setting up fair and eco value chains. By using social businesses and cooperatives, for selling the products of Eramatare we create financial independence for women and the poor of the poor.


Regenarate the ecosystem

By using nature inclusive and regenarative land use methods, we create a healthy ecosystem creating acces to food, fodder, water and energy. By protecting our ecosystem, improve it's biodiversity and protect it's wildlife, we can beat climate change and create a thriving future for all inhabitants.


Traditional knowledge & culture as base

The ecosystem we live in, is the base of cultuare as expressed in artefacts, indigenous knowlege, rituals and way of living. In Eramatare, we combine Maasai culture with scientific insights to implement our projects succesfully

Find out more by contacting us.

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African proverb

"If you want to walk fast, walk alone, if you want to walk far, walk together"

Contact us

Get in touch with Osotua Foundation to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.


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