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a positive future


What we do

The Maa word Osotua means the "invisible umblical cord" which unites us all. If we are in need and ask for help, others will come to our aid. Being one of the strongest concepts within the Maa Cluture, it captures our vision well.

The Maasai and Osotua Foundation co-create and implement regenarative landuse methods systems by connecting ecology, economy and anthropology. Thereby improving the lives of Maasai, livestock and wildlife in and eco-friendly and socially sustainable way.

​With a network existing in diverse Maasai Organisations throughout Kenya Osotua Foundation knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Back in 2015, Dieke Geerling and Nelson ole Kirrokor Of Nkoilale Community Development Foundation realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to cooperate. Together we created Eramatare based on the traditional Maasai belief that everything is connected and that solving our present problems only can be solved by a holistic approach. If we have healthy cows, we have healthy people who will protect and nurture the savanna which leads to healhty wildlife.Nowadays we have many Maasai interested in our approach.

Help the Maasai to revitalize the savanna and make the future of Maasai and Wildlife a bright and positive one!

Working together with the following Maasai organisations in Kenya:

  • Nkoilale Community Development Foundation

  • Mara Isinya Conservancy

  • Laikipia Permaculture Centre Trust

  • Tepesuua Academy

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Ways We Help

Meaningful Work. A thriving future.

Osotua Foundation is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do together with the Maasai in Kenya is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges namely a climate change adapted future. We make sure the Maasai are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities. Our Eramatare project is divided into three parts. Depending on the donor, these are performed together as much as possible or in various combinations. For example, we are currently working on Renature in setting up an Emuny ranch where sustainable rangeland management for the grazing lands and permaculture for the homesteads are combined. Together with Tsavo and Juan Nibbelink we are in the final phase of an off grid eco house. In the coming periods we will be looking for a large donor for Eramatare and donors for a large water project and sustainable rangeland management.

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Sustainable Rangeland Management

Manage the rangeland holisticly and protect the ecosystem and it's wildlife

Improving Home steads

Creating healthy homes with clean water, healthy food and off grid energy

Building off grid healthy houses

creating comfortable off grid and healthy houses

Would you like to support our efforts?

Our current projects

Our Impact

Since 2012, but officially since 2015 we have created already an impact, Together with our partners and the Maasai we are building a healthy future! Sometimes we help directly, but we also connect potential donors to the communities.

Help us!

Our Philosophy

"taking care" of Maasai, Livestock and Wildlife

It is the Econology, Stupid!

Economy and ecology combined, with culture as base

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Social business for independence

The Maasai needs a healthy and sustainable livelihood, which we establish by giving training in business development, setting up fair and eco value chains. By using social businesses and cooperatives, for selling the products of Eramatare we create financial independence for women and the poor of the poor.


Regenarate the ecosystem

By using nature inclusive and regenarative land use methods, we create a healthy ecosystem creating acces to food, fodder, water and energy. By protecting our ecosystem, improve it's biodiversity and protect it's wildlife, we can beat climate change and create a thriving future for all inhabitants.


Traditional knowledge & culture as base

The ecosystem we live in, is the base of cultuare as expressed in artefacts, indigenous knowlege, rituals and way of living. In Eramatare, we combine Maasai culture with scientific insights to implement our projects succesfully

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20th of march 2022
Jobena Award for Oltim lee maa Hair & body

14 april 2022

De Jobenaprijs 2022 gaat naar Osotua Foundation met hun cosmeticaproject. Samen met Osotua directeur Dieke Geerling en haar dochter Mathilde van Dongen organiseert het bestuur van Stichting Jobena een feestelijke prijsuitreiking op 6 februari 2022.

Praktische informatie
Locatie: Het Oude Magazijn Soesterweg 310, 3812 BH Amersfoort
Inloop: 13:30
Start programma: 14:00
Borrel:  16:00

Aanmelden is voor het evenement is noodzakelijk. Registratie via deze link.

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African proverb

"If you want to walk fast, walk alone, if you want to walk far, walk together"